Online Tracking

There are two ways to check the status of your shipment: the first is available on this website and you can install the second on your iPhone. You can enter a single air waybill number on the homepage or multiple air waybill numbers on this page. The information shown adheres to the Cargo2000 industry standard and always comes from a single source. You can easily check the status of your shipments, anytime and anywhere.


On this page:

Reading the data

We trigger usually seven different milestones in our warehouses when your shipment passes through. When you send us a digital air waybill (e-AWB), we trigger the FWB milestone. The second milestone is triggered once we have accepted your shipment at our warehouse. When the shipment is ready for transport to the aircraft, the DEP milestone is triggered and when it arrives in our warehouse at the destination the status changes to ARR. Once we have prepared your shipment for pickup it becomes RFC and we will notify you with an NFD message. After you've picked up your shipment, its status changes to DLV.


For a more detailed explanation, please refer to this PDF document.

Mobile Track & Trace

Check the new version of our Track & Trace app for iPhone. You can download the app via the 


Check the current status of your Air France–KLM–Martinair Cargo shipments in an instant, from the moment your shipment is booked, all the way through to the delivery at destination. 

Your 10 previous air waybills will be stored on your iPhone, making it really simple to keep track of your current shipments, from start to finish. A full history of each shipment can be found under the details section.


Version 2.0 : What's new

• New layout and wording making it much simpler to track your shipment

• Booking information now included in Current Status Screen

• Visualize the accurate location of your shipment via the progress bar

• Split shipments can now be tracked using this app

• Airline selection improvements - Tap on airline logo or slide up/down to select.

Track multiple shipments

Below you can insert a single AWB number and track a single shipment or you can enter upto 10 Airwaybills at once to track multiple shipments. For tracking one single shipment yo can always use the tracking tool on the homepage.

Track your Export shipment

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